Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Enviro brand

The Enviro brand is an important part in healthy catch & release fishing.

Catch & release in recreational fishing is a growing sport - for all species of fish. Therefore, if a fish is to be released to survive after capture, it's important that the fish is not damaged in any way to give it a good chance of survival.

The Enviro brand provides nets & measuring mats which are perfect for catch and release fishing.

Fish have a protective slime coating which covers their entire body - this acts as a protective coating which shields them from disease or parasites.

The Brag mat (measuring mat) has a smooth material so that if you water it, and then place the fish on it, the slime coating will stay on the fish.

The material needs to be wet that comes in contact with the fish - if it's dry it can rub and take away the slime coating.

The Environet is a landing net which comes in all sizes - anything from bream to big jewfish will fit in an Environet.

The material on the Environet combines a smooth material just like on the brag mat and a mesh with tiny holes that the fishes spines will not fit through.
If you've seen a standard rope mesh net, they have large holes and the fishes spines will stick out through them and cut the skin between the spines.

With the Environet, the holes are very small and there's a great chance that the spines will stay in tact.

The holes on the net are for allowing water to pass through when scooping up a fish boatside.

The best way to land a fish with an Environet is for the hooked-up angler to lead the fish into the net head first and for the net person to dig the net into the water right before the fish heads into the net.

Attempting to scoop up a fish tail first with the net or side on can be difficult - especially with barramundi. They will usually kick right when you're scooping them up and will head in the direction they are facing - if they're facing into the net that's the most likely place they'll go.

We have lost several barra over a metre this way - after they get into the net they blast out and shake the hooks out near the boat - yes, it is a bad feeling!

These 2 great items can be bought in a lot of tackle & outdoors shops around Australia.

They are a 'must have' for any catch & release angler - for whatever the type of fishing you do.

Go get one!

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