Monday, April 21, 2008

Giants on the surface

Giant Trevally, or GT for short are one of the strongest fish in the sea.
They aren't a colourful fish although they have an amazing grey colour scheme - which shines in the sunlight.

They live around reef and feed on all sorts of large baitfish including wolf herring, garfish, fusiliers & mullet species.

Surface luring is popular to catch them and is still an unrecognised technique among many fisherman today.

Giant trevally can reach incredible sizes, up to 90kg. Anything above 60kg is an absolute mega size fish that has to be seen to be believed.

Stickbaits or large poppers are great lures to cast around for them. They work well casted over reefy country and worked back with huge commotion & movement.

Explosive is the perfect description of a GT strike. On many occasions, the fish will come up from behind, turn to face the lure and eat it head on. This is what they do to large baitfish as the avoid the backwards facing spines.

Some 'quick' info on tackle
- 10 - 25kg spinning rods & reels - Shimano Stellas

- 80Lb - 150Lb braid

- 150lb - 200lb leader

- Nomad Ulua stickbaits and Cubera poppers

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